Barclays – Stamp Duty Holiday – UPDATE

We remind you that the stamp duty holiday deadline is Thursday 30 September 2021. If your client is seeking to complete by this date, we require all outstanding documentation and requirements to be received, reviewed and accepted prior to receiving the certificate of title. The Certificate of Title must be provided to us, at the latest, by Thursday 23 September 2021. What to do if you need support: Post offer support requests should be directed to the following support email addresses. Please note that you must include the name(s) of your client(s), application reference and desired completion date so that we are able to respond to your support request. If the desired completion date is within 5 working days of your request and the certificate of title has been submitted with the required advance notice period (see below), then send your support request into If your case does not meet the above conditions then submit your support request into How you can help us support you Review the offer conditions carefully and please submit all required documentation as soon as possible. For speed and convenience, you can send this information to us by email (to the email addresses provided above) You can request support from us by using the email queries and escalations approach above as soon as you become aware of the support you need. Please bear in mind this is a busier time than usual and therefore it may take us longer than normal to respond. Please note that we require a minimum of 5 working days’ notice for submission of the certificate of title. These can also be sent directly by email to our post-offer support team, as detailed above Certificates of Title submitted without 5 working days’ notice will be processed as soon as reasonably practicable.

LBG -September Stamp Duty Cut Off

The next deadline for Stamp Duty removal will apply on September 30th 2021. As a result we anticipate a large increase in queries and completion related activity for the September end period, we are keen to ensure customer expectations are satisfied and met so we will apply a deadline date of 23rd September for COT submission to allow for completion by the end of September month end. Key reminders; • Certificates of Title should be submitted by the 23rd September to ensure completion by September month end. • Requests for Completion (COTs) should be submitted via Lender Exchange for Halifax/Lloyds and Birmingham Midshires offered after 10th July. BM cases offered prior to this date should follow paper COT submission. • Please refer to Lender Exchange for progress updates on COT completion. • 5 Days’ Notice is required for all completion requests, requests submitted inside this 5 day period will be processed on a best endeavours basis • Do not submit a request for funds if you have outstanding matters that still require attention, issues need resolved prior to COT submission. • Please submit any pre-completions queries at your earliest convenience to avoid any delays towards the end of the month. • During busy periods we see an increase in volumes of returned mortgage advance payments. Please be aware that we require a minimum of 48 hours for funds to be re-released once returned, please consider if the initial completion dates are viable before submitting your COT. • Solicitors should carefully check the lender handbook for what account to return funds to, we are seeing an increased number of scenarios where they are sending funds to the wrong place (e.g. sending to old A/ account which is now closed, or sending 60/ funds back to the 200 account details), please ensure these are returned to the correct account to avoid delays.

September Stamp Duty Deadline -Message from Nationwide

As we move to the end of the stamp duty holiday we are anticipating peak business volumes and we will be enforcing the following; Your failure to adhere to these points could result in funds not being available as requested; •The Mortgage Works requires at least five working days' notice of the completion/settlement date to enable payment of funds. •Do not submit a request for funds if you knowingly have outstanding matters for consideration. Failure to adhere to this point will result in the COT/Request for funds being rejected •Do not submit further queries post request for funds. Failure to adhere to this point will result in the COT/Request for funds being rejected •A new COT will be required once the outstanding matters have been concluded. Repeated COT submission whilst we have outstanding matters will be rejected •If there is a change to the completion date please adhere to our instructions as per our UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook by contacting us immediately after you are aware of the delay •As per our UK Finance Mortgage Lenders Handbook. Which documents must I send after completion? Do not send us letters post completion to advise of completion or copies of the title documents unless we have specifically requested these